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Fashion For A Cause- Featuring LabelsAndLove

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Fashion For A Cause: Featuring LabelsAndLove- India Meets India

Fashion For A Cause In its unique endeavour to support and promote the cause of the less privileged, India Meets India strives towards generating livelihood for social brave hearts by curating fashion, at par with various renowned brands. In its recent collaboration with  LabelsAndLove, India Meets India showcased trendy affordable fashion, high on quality. Fashion for a cause, India Meets India not only debunks stereotypes surrounded[…]

The Unsung Hero Series- Celebrating Shabila!

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Celebrating Shabila!

Celebrating Shabila! Shabila Shek was born in the slums of East Delhi. Her father is a rickshaw puller and was the sole breadwinner for a family of eight. Making ends meet in this conservative Muslim family was already difficult let alone sending a girl child to school. However, her mother was far sighted and brought Shabila to us at Karm Marg in 2005 to get some skill training at 'Jugaad'. She was 14 years old but only 4 feet tall. With[…]

Bloggers Dil Se- Indian Spice Blend: Vegetable Biryani Review!

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Indian Spice Blend: Vegetable Biryani Review

Vegetable Biryani Review Blogger Teekhimircheee shares with us her experience of having tasted Indian Spice Blend- Vegetable Biryani Masala! Rich in aroma and taste, she finds this Spice Blend flavoursome akin to a royal delight. Free of preservatives and additives, the texture of this vegetable spice blend is amazingly gastronomical! Highly Recommended, she gives this Vegetable Biryani Spice Blend a big thumbs up! So, come, purchase, taste[…]