Bloggers Dil Se 💖

Blogger teekhi_mircheee reviewed our Black Pepper and Garam Masala and prepared Spicy Aloo sabzi using the same. Tasty, delicious and a classic preparation, this Aloo Sabzi got a thumbs up! Made by people with intellectual disability and girls belonging to economically weaker sections of the society, these spices are rich in aroma, flavour and are absolutely organic and pure. A quintessential basic, found in every household, these spices are healthy and enhance flavour of any dish in blink of an eye.

Bringing persons with intellectual disability to the mainstream and helping them steer a livelihood for a productive and a more fulfilling life, Jan Madhyam is doing an incredible job. Relish your meals using our Black Pepper and Garam Masala spices and be the change.

You too can order and taste our pure and organic spices at and support the cause of the less privileged. 🙂



You can follow her on instagram @teekhi_mircheee